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Mineral water sources

Muszyna has been famous as a health resort since time immemorial. Not without a reason, as there are plenty of mineral water deposits and a several pump rooms in its area. They can boast a long and interesting history. What's more, in each of them there is a spring, with crystal clear water, which has countless healing properties. If you struggle with a chronic disease, it is worth coming to Muszyna and Klimek Guesthouse and trying a natural method to recover. The minerals contained in spring waters can work wonders.

There are seven mineral water pump rooms in Muszyna. The largest and most recognizable is the pump room aptly named "Milusia". The mineral water intake in this place was first established in 1935 and since then it has enjoyed undeniable popularity among residents and resort patients. In addition to that, in Muszyna there are pump rooms Antoni, Anna, Grunwald, Wapienne, Jakubianka and seasonal pump rooms: Marcin, which is located 200m from the Klimek Guesthouse, and Józef – 500m.

Pump rooms: Milusia, Antoni, and seasonal Marcin, located 200m from the Klimek Pension and Józef, 500m away, Anna, Grunwald, Wapienne, Jakubianka.