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Baszta Park near the Klimek Guesthouse

Muszyna is a small SPA town associated mainly with mineral waters and their healing features. It is worth pointing out, that Muszyna is not only a health resort, because apart from pump rooms, it offers a lot more to its Guests. In Muszyna you can find many interesting places to visit - gardens, parks, ruins, monuments, thanks to them your stay in the Beskids and at the Klimek Guesthouse takes on a completely different dimension.

One of "must visit" places in Muszyna is the Baszta Park located near the Klimek Guesthouse. The nearby, convenient location, encourages Guests of the Klimek Pension for walks at any time of the day, and even late in the evening. In the Baszta Park, on the hill, you can see the castle ruins. There will also be something for enthusiasts of outdoor physical activity within the park - outdoor gyms are available to all visitors. Other park facilities are the pitch for team games, stone chess boards and rest shelters. There is also a bicycle route running through the park, so instead of taking a walk, you can go for a ride around the area.

People who value relaxation can take advantage of sunbathing on the beaches on both sides of the picturesque water cascades on the Szczawnik stream. There is also a bicycle path running through the park, which connects with the green trail leading to the highest peak of the eastern range of the Beskid Sądecki - Jaworzyna (1114 m above sea level).