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Tourist trails around Muszyna

Mountain hiking enthusiasts will find around Muszyna many beautiful trails that will charm them with their beauty and diversity. Muszyna is situated in the heart of Beskid Sądecki, bustling with life and with wonderful landscapes. We would like to briefly introduce these tourist routes, but none of the words will describe the wonderful atmosphere, nor the plentiful of monuments of animate and inanimate nature. These trails simply have to be traversed to feel their uniqueness with all your senses.

Hiking in the Beskid Mountains

Please remember that the mountains are beautiful regardless of the season, every time of the year is good for hiking. Muszyna is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, and tourist routes with all difficulty levels. If we want to count them, we will be able to list about 18 well-marked and safe trails, including: 10 for hikers, 3 gentler; more walking routes, as many as 4 - for cyclists and 1 nature path.

If you are just starting your adventure with mountain hiking, choose the hiking trails starting in Muszyna, with a length of less than 10 km and not requiring special preparation. You can follow the green trail to Jaworzyna Krynicka. The route includes gentle slopes, gravel and asphalt roads. On the way you can admire the tourist attractions of the Beskid Sądecki, such as the ruins of the castle, the historic Orthodox church and the nature reserve - Lime Forest Obrożyska. At a very slow pace, it will take about 7 hours to complete the route.

Tourist routes - Muszyna

More advanced tourists can choose more difficult trails that start in Muszyna, such as a 10 km long expedition to Pusta Wielka. You will traverse both a paved road and forest paths, so it's worth equipping yourself with appropriate footwear. You will admire the extraordinary nature and historic ruins. It is especially worth going on this trails in autumn, where from the vantage point on Pusta you can see a clearing overgrown with heather. If, after 4 hours of climbing, you have enough strength, instead of a simple return route following your own footsteps, you can take a bit of the road and go down to the shepherd's hut, where you can buy traditional products of the region.

If the mountains are nothing new to you and you feel well prepared, the Muszyna - Muszynka hiking trails will be what you are looking for. If you choose the yellow trail, you will have a 20 km hike, mainly a forest trail, but also with the option of visiting the church and the Jewish cemetery, as well as the Okopy Konfederackie nature reserve. An efficient hiker will complete the entire route within about 7 hours.

Hiking trails for everyone

Do you dream of active recreation in the mountains, but you are afraid you are not fit enough for hiking? Don't worry, the hiking trails offered by the Beskids are not only strenuous expeditions, but also short, pleasant walks. You can take up a picturesque and full of attractions trail for 3-4 km. You can climb the small Runek hill, walk the nature trail in the Obrożyska reserve, and also reach the border with Slovakia by crossing the Poprad River.

The trails of Beskid Sądecki are also waiting for you in winter - all you need is just a warm jacket and a hat to make you enjoy the view of clear snow creaking under your shoes, sparkling in the sun. And after the trip, share your impressions with a cup of aromatic mulled wine in your hands at the Strakija restaurant.