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Ice rink / skatepark

Ice skating is a great way to guarantee fun especially for kids. The ice rink offers special penguins to learn to ride for the youngest.

In the summer, the skating rink is transformed into a skatepark!

Ice skating rink in Muszyna

Amateurs of winter trips to the mountains are also most often sports enthusiasts outdoor who are not afraid of falling snow and freezing temperatures. Both for them and less extreme Guests, we recommend a trip to Muszyna, where in the winter months the only artificial ice rink in the area is operating. The Muszyna “Zapopradzie” ice rink is open at temperatures not exceeding 10°C. It is a roofed and illuminated facility, so it can be used during heavy snowfall, rain as well as after dark.

The facility ensures safety due to its considerable size, thanks to which you can skate in a comfortable way, without crowding. Moreover, after each slide (usually 45 minutes), the ice surface is cleaned and preserved so that the next group can enter the ice rink safely.

Ice skating with children in Muszyna

The ice rink in Muszyna in Beskid Sądecki is suitable for children and people who are just starting their ice skating adventure. There are cheerful penguins at their disposal, allowing them to keep balance when taking their first shy steps on the ice.
One slide lasts 45 minutes. During the ride, there are changes of directions so that the participants of the game do not get dizzy. As standard, there are 8 slides every day.

What is worth noting, you do not need to bring anything with you to enjoy ice skating fully - you can rent all the necessary equipment: skates, a helmet and a penguin. You can also use the skate sharpening service.
The ice rink in Muszyna is another family attraction that we highly recommend to the Guests of the Klimek Guesthouse. Ice skating is great fun, bringing positive fatigue - adults can fight for a beautiful figure (please note that an hour of skating allows you to burn up to 800 calories!). After such an effort, children will have an appetite and will sleep all night without waking up.