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The cross-country skiing and ski touring

A trip to the mountains does not always have to be combined with skiing or snowboarding. Of course, the above are great forms of physical activity and many avid skiers will not deny themselves this pleasure. However, while in the Beskids Mountains, it is definitely worth taking advantage of cross-country skiing and ski touring - the sport which has become very popular recently. If you are a novelty seeker and care about staying in shape, this is something you should try! Time spent outdoors, surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests, is the perfect way for an active rest in the mountains.

Cross-country skiing and ski touring is a sport that requires practice, but it is worth trying your hand, even without any previous experience. In the Beskids, you can use the 12-kilometer route from Jaworzyna to Żegiestów. There are many other routes in the area, their total length is about 30 km. We encourage you to get your ski adventure started here!