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The Sensory Gardens in Muszyna

Most visitors associate Muszyna with a health resort. This is true, because you can find here numerous mineral water deposits and pump rooms. Drinking local, curing mineral water can effectively help to combat many diseases. In the municipality of Muszyna there are the most medicinal water deposits in the whole country. However, Muszyna is not only a place where you can drink great water straight from the source. The town offers many attractions to its Guests, including the Sensory Gardens.

The Sensory Gardens - Muszyna

The Muszyna Sensory Park is an unique place for relaxation, tranquility and bonding with nature. The sensory gardens in Muszyna are adapted to the needs of the disabled. They are designed in such a way that they can be experienced with all the senses.

The Sensory Gardens, also known as the gardens of the senses, is a place that will appeal to younger and older visitors. Regardless of the season, this place is amazing and can be admired in all its glory from spring and autumn. In the gardens there are many beautiful plants of various colors, shapes and sizes. Many of them bloom and the flowering periods are so adjusted that you can enjoy the natural colors of flowers and plants almost all the time. When some fade, the others come to life.

Gardens of the senses in Muszyna - soothing nature

The eyes are primarily influenced by flowers - their colors, shapes, compositions, and insects hovering above them. Nevertheless, Muszyna’s Sensory Garden is also a proposition for the blind. The singing of birds, the sound of trees and water soothe the hearing. In particular times of the year, you can smell flowers and herbs. The gardens affect all your senses. Walking barefoot on the grass allows you to feel carefree, and touching the bark of trees is the primary ritual of returning to nature. What's more, Muszyna's sensory gardens are not subject to standard prohibitions - here you can taste any fruit /herb you want.

And that's still not all the benefits while staying at Klimek Guesthouse in Muszyna. The gardens of senses also include a health zone equipped with outdoor exercise facilities. Their design makes it safe to use and does not require a lot of physical strength or condition - everyone can adjust the intensity of exercise to their abilities and individual needs.

The sensory garden in Muszyna - an attraction for all the Guest of the Klimek Guesthouse

Moreover, the sensory garden in Muszyna is a place where you can learn about local legends and tales - in the zone of fairy tales and legends. The lovers will appreciate the zone of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, where newlyweds and couples celebrating their anniversaries can plant their own tree. Soon the sensory gardens will be filled with humming, shade and oxygen living proofs of love.