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Two-track mini-bowling alley (100 m - Hotel Klimek **** SPA)

The bowling alley is situated at Hotel Klimek **** SPA – additional charges apply according to the hotel pricelist.

When going to the mountains, you should take into account that the weather may sometimes frustrate our plans. As part of your stay at the Klimek Guesthouse, take advantage of the wonderful two-track bowling alley located in the Klimek Hotel near the Guesthouse. The bowling lounge is located in the Klimek Pub, where you can spend time with family or friends in a pleasant way. It is worth trying your hand at bowling - perhaps it will turn out that a real talent will be discovered during pleasant entertainment? The bowling alley at the Klimek Hotel offers its Guests two bowling lanes, fully equipped with professional equipment. Thanks to this, two teams can play the competition independently of each other. While throwing the throws, the rest of the team can regenerate on comfortable couches or get ready for the next battle.

Bowling provides unforgettable experience, lots of laughter and fun, and healthy competition. Hotel Klimek invites you to try your hand at a mini bowling alley.