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Billiard room (100 m - Hotel Klimek **** SPA)

Billiards at Hotel Klimek are subject to additional fee according to the hotel pricelist. 

No matter if you are going for a family trip to the mountains or maybe just meeting friends after work. Regardless of the purpose of your visit to Klimek Guesthouse, it offers attractions to please everyone. The talk is about Billiards, the game loved by many. Both children and their parents, men and women. Whatever your age, physical fitness or skills - everyone will derive great pleasure from playing pool. The game combines adrenaline and healthy competition. In addition, it may turn out that you have a hidden talent and a one-time game will turn into a passion for lifetime. 

Klimek Pension is located in the wonderful surroundings of mountain nature, but after an eventful day spent in nature, you may consider relaxing in the billiard room. The billiard room in the nearby Hotel Klimek is adapted to accommodate many guests, so several tournaments can be played here simultaneously. If you've always dreamt of trying your hand at playing pool or even play on regular basis, feel invited to the climatic billiard room at Hotel Klimek where magic can happen !